The Dunn Lewis Foundation Ulladulla May 2012

stage one developmentFour years after the land was cleared and dedicated the Dunn Lewis Centre Ulladulla opened 11th September 2010.
Throughout the construction of the building, programs have been in place to engage our youth in training and skilling to reduce harmful and risk taking behaviours –

  • Mentoring
  • Automotive Vehicle Servicing
  • Certificate in General and Vocational Education
  • Outreach Programs, Live Your Best Life Community Directory
  • Certificate II in Skills for Work and Training
  • Hospitality, Retail, Events Management
  • Multimedia, Digital Imaging, Graphic Design
  • Computing, Information Technology
  • openingConstruction and Building
  • Occupational Health and Safety, First Aid
  • Horticulture, Landcare, Land Management
  • Recreational Camps and Workshops

Over the past five years more than two hundred of our youth have successfully participated in these programs and have moved on to re-engage in formal education, training and employment.
More than another three hundred young people have participated in recreational, educational, community and social activities all of which enhance their lifestyle choices and increase their long-term mental health and opportunities for the future.

The participation of families, social, educational and commercial groups brings the aspects of community involvement that underpin the commitment to the prevention and reduction of harmful activities and behaviours.
Recent Programs and Activities

  • Youth involvementBody Boarding –Dunno & Keggs Body Boarding Classic (Youth Competition)
  • The Winter Festival (Youth Activity)
  • ArtFest (Community and Youth Project)
  • Ulladulla High School Art Program (Youth Incentive and participation)
  • Painting and Decorating (Youth Incentive and participation)\
  • Magazine Publishing (Community and Youth Incentive and participation)
  • Journaling (Community participation)
  • Young Parent Groups (Community Participation)
  • Green Corps Groups (Community, RTO, Local Council participation)
  • St John’s First Aid (Youth, Community, RTO participation)
  • Cert II Skills for Work and Training (Youth incentive participation)
  • Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management (Community, RTO, Council participation)
  • OHS –Qualification (youth incentive participation)
  • IT Classes (Youth incentive participation)
  • Distance Education / OTEN\
  • White Card Certification (Youth incentive participation)
  • Counselling (Youth Incentive and participation)
  • Alliance Française (Community participation)
  • Alley Gallery (Community participation)
  • Juvenile justice (Youth Incentive and participation)
  • youth trainingStencil (Spray) Art (Youth Incentive and participation)
  • Girls writing class (Youth Incentive and participation)
  • Photographic Workshops and Seminars (Community and youth incentive and participation)
  • Diving/Spearfishing Workshops and Seminars (Community participation)
  • Disabilities Classes Transition to Independence ( RTO, youth incentive participation)
  • Ukulele Classes (Community participation)
  • OOSH (Out of School Hours)
  • Movie Premiere ‘Launch’ (Community participation)
  • Book Launches Meg Thomas, Elaine Crocker (Community participation)
  • Bush Poets (Community participation)
  • Book Project (Community participation)
  • Timber Festival (Community participation)
  • KinderMusic (Community participation)
  • Construction of Transportable Cabins
  • Arts & Crafts (Community participation)
  • Line dancing (Community participation)
  • Belly Dancing with Desiree Sheldrake (Community participation)
  • Gentle Exercise (Community participation)
  • Yoga (Community participation)
  • Pilates (Community participation)
  • Nell Mooney presentation (Community participation)
  • Garden Club (Community participation)
  • Future Park (Community participation)
  • Blessing Fleet Photos (Community participation)
  • Mental Health Seminar (Community participation)
  • Southern General Practice (Community participation)
  • Apprenticeship seminar (Youth Incentive and participation)
  • Celia Lashlie – Raising Boys (Community participation)
  • Landcare Presentations (Community, RTO, Local Council participation)
  • Biggest Morning Tea (Community participation)
  • Aliance Francais (Community participation)
  • Centrelink Work Incentives (Federal Government and community participation)
  • Malcom Turnbull – Broardband (Federal Government and community participation)

Alley Gallery is located within the Dunn Lewis Centre in Ulladulla and is a joint initiative of the Dunn & Lewis Youth Development Foundation and the local community to support and showcase arts and culture through participation, involvement, encouragement and enjoyment.
Alley Gallery was officially opened by Richard Morecroft and Gayle Dunn on 1 April 2011 with the launch of the inaugural exhibition Black & White.
All proceeds and funding received by the gallery are used to sustain arts programs and workshops for the youth; an investment to develop skills and to further the appreciation of arts and culture.
Local artists have found a space for their works to be displayed where the local community and visitors enjoy their efforts.

Researcher and social justice advocate Cecilia Lashlie addressed conferences attended by community members, youth agencies and youth workers.
Celia Lashlie’s publications,
The Journey to Prison: Who goes and why published in 2002
He’ll be OK: Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men published 2005, a book based on the Good Man Project she undertook in 25 boys’ schools in New Zealand.
Social Welfare and Mental Health
Mental Health Conferences with international guest speakers, support workers, agencies and participants combining and contributing in an informal and productive way.
Greenacres Disability Services
Assisting young adults to gain life skills through opportunities and learning activities in a comfortable, challenging and non-confronting environment with qualified and dedicated trainers.
Youth Groups
Youth Group Afternoon Leagues
Showing off their awards
Special Olympics
Tenpin bowlers from around NSW attended the South Coast’s regional carnival at the Dunn Lewis
Weekly Kindermusik classes allow many opportunities to learn how age appropriate activities can benefit children’s development.
Belly Dancing, Line Dancing, Gentle Exercise and Yoga.
Arts and Crafts
Holiday Arts and Crafts are popular pastimes for locals and visitors alike.
New Guinea visitors Indira, Bonnie, and Valisa had a great time during the Christmas break
Young Book Artists showing off their best work
Ulladulla Book Project
Mentoring and Training through Community Projects and working with youth programs
Trainers and mentors contribute experience and expertise to an ideally diverse workplace.
Distinction and excellence in developing a work ethic that will sustain the graduates and trainees in their working lives; experience and knowledge gladly passed down through dedicated mentors and trainers.

The project saw the construction of these buildings in Ulladulla and relocated for use as crisis housing at Broken Hill.
The enthusiasm and vision of a few dedicated people brought about the construction of the relocatable houses project.
Local builders and tradesmen collaborated with the Dunn & Lewis Foundation and Ulladulla High School to provide an on-site workplace experience for sixteen students from the school.

The Dunno & Kegs Classic
Incredible sport with a large following, one of the BIG events on the calendar
More than 100 boardriders compete every year for the fun and the fame!
2012 will see the 10th year of running the competition.

The Ulladulla Bodyboarders
Over 100 boardriders compete every month in friendly, fierce and fun competition.
Photo by graduate media student and surfing fanatic Sean Collins
Partnership, Programs and Participation
Back (L-R), starting out, are Brad Western, Kevin Muchitsch, Jamie Schodel and Ben Byron
(absent Amber Reed, Eric Bathe, Dylan Lynch, Leith McDonald)
Front (L-R), ready to graduate, are Jamie Pappas, Brennan Ridgway and Mitch Ross
(absent Michael Styles absent)
Partnerships with Businesses, RTO’s and Agencies bring training, skilling and opportunity to the youth of our area.